Peace Of Mind In Stressful Times

by | Jun 11, 2020

Here we are still in the midst of the Global Pandemic and with so much of our lives “cancelled”, it feels like we may never experience “normal” again.  Graduations, weddings, major sports events, and vacations were just taken away from us.  What happened to 2020?

 With all of this clouding our minds, it may be difficult to have a positive vision for the future. But since we are the “gatekeeper” of our minds, we have a choice for what we think.  Here’s what we can control and do during stressful times:

1. Direct your thinking and imagination to what you want to experience.

Pay attention to what is going on in your mind. As you focus on these thoughts, they will expand and become more real. Begin to create your vision by answering these questions:

  • Can I describe the kind of life I want to live?
  • Can I describe the person that I am?
  • Can I describe the community that I want to build and belong to?

2. Continue to strengthen your state of mind.

In both good and challenging times, you need to keep your vision clear.  Meditation, power thought cards, and reading inspirational quotes will help keep the 50,000 daily thoughts we have on the positive side.  You might be tempted to press the “pause button” when you have a string of good days, but just remember you are building up a reserve for when the challenging times arrive.

3. Be clear about what is at the center of our lives.

This may be the perfect opportunity to re-calibrate yourself.  Think about your top five values. What is on that list: Adventure, To Contribute, To Create, To Feel, To Relate, To Win?  And now ask yourself: Does it deserve to be at the center?

 Now may be the perfect time to let go of something old to let in something new.  Not because we are being forced to do it by the Pandemic but because we want to do it!  We now have the time to see it makes more sense for us.

 So how do you have peace of mind in stressful times? By realizing that true peace comes from knowing who we are; not by rearranging our circumstances.