A Repair Kit For Relationships

by | Sep 7, 2021

The benefits of having meaningful relationships in your life are enormous!  You live longer, have lower blood pressure, bolster your immune system and are more physically fit.  But relationships require care and nurturing because even the strongest ones can break down.

 What can you do to get them back on track?  Pack your repair kit with the following items and see how quickly you mend the conflict.

1. Comb

Why?  Because some days our “feathers get ruffled” over what someone says or doesn’t say.  Smooth it out and don’t take things personally.  If we tell ourselves a negative story about this person, we lose our sense of peace.

2. Button

Some relationships can push our “buttons” and we can react instantly and negatively.  Rather than blaming the other person, maybe we should acknowledge our “own buttons”.  Stop for a moment and ask yourself two questions, “What is being triggered for me?” and “Why does it trigger this for me?”

3. Eraser

We need to find a way to “white out”/erase our mistakes.  We are human and will continue to make them, so we don’t need to hold others hostage to their mistakes or us to our own mistakes.  Erase those mistakes from your mind so you can leave some space for the people that are most important to you. Don’t give them “leftover” time!

4. Sandpaper

We all have relationships that at times are like “sandpaper to our soul”; those that grate on our nerves.  But the fact is that the difficult relationships help us grow, not the easy ones.  So let the sandpaper rub off your rough edges and let your light shine.

5. Chocolate Kiss

This will be a reminder for you to apply sweetness and affection to your relationships.  A simple act of smiling can help brighten any relationship.  Keep a lightness to your voice and offer encouraging words.  These are sweet gifts to offer any relationship.

6. Band-Aid

On occasion you might say or do something that hurts someone.  Take ownership of your words or actions and offer an apology. Let it heal and remember to take an alternative approach in the future.

Keep this repair kit handy and you will continue to grow your most valuable relationships.