Thank You

What a year!

The Ophelia Project was formally back in person in the schools this year. 

56 trained, volunteer, woman Mentors came alongside 313 adolescent girls from 8th grade to 12th grade in 14 schools.

The Pandemic took a harsh toll on teen girl’s mental health including increased anxiety and depression. Ophelia Mentors responded by providing 3 “Tools” woven into the program to assist our Ophelia girls today and tomorrow to battle and overcome these concerns – the Power of Journaling, the use of Positive Affirmations, and a Mediative Breathing exercise.

Despite all the hurdles and obstacles, this year’s graduating class of senior Ophelia girls had the following success:

100% will graduate high school

Out of the 47 seniors in Ophelia this year, 36 applied for Scholarship support.

The average GPA of these 36 girls?  3.92

Twenty-one had a GPA of 4.0 or better!

One Ophelia girl had the class rank of second – 2 out of 467 seniors

Two girls were ranked number 3 in their graduating class (3/418 and 3/346)

Ten Ophelia Girls were ranked in the top 20 in their school.

26 of the 36 (72%) have been in the Ophelia Project for 4 years or more! Amazing considering the Pandemic impact!

This is the power of Mentoring!



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John F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation Mission

“Dedicated to enhancing the physical, emotional and intellectual health and wellness of Coachella Valley children and families”

Ophelia Project Mission

“Empowering and encouraging young teens to increase their sense of self-worth and maximize their potential contribution to society”

Home Visitation Mission

“Serving families by providing parenting education, in-home safety assessment, goal setting and linkage to community resources”


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Ophelia Project

A team-mentoring program for teen girls in 8th through 12th grade

Reach Out and Read

A language and literacy development program for children 6 months to 5 years

Home Visitation

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