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 There Are So Many Ways You Can Make a Difference


Sponsoring an Ophelia Girl!

The cost of sponsoring an Ophelia Girl is only $400 per student per year. Your generous support will provide Ophelia Girls with: trained and certified Ophelia Mentors who will serve as their guide and assist them with setting education and career goals and taking the steps to realize them; professional presenters from the local business community who provide life skills classroom presentations and share their professional expertise to make a positive difference in Ophelia girls’ lives; program supplies; Ophelia curriculum; session materials and handouts; transportation for educational field trips; and the required program administrative infrastructure to ensure model fidelity in all schools.

By participating in Ophelia Project, teens will gain the skills that are so important to navigating through their education, their career, their personal life, and their future with skills such as these life-enhancing basics:

The Importance of Education • Health, Nutrition & Fitness • Etiquette for all Occasions
Making Healthy Choices • Community Involvement • Pay It Forward

Each sponsorship brings change to more than just one young girl – it strengthens an entire community as the benefits your gift provides will extend to each girl’s family, their community, and other youth in their sphere of influence. Many, many individuals are positively impacted by every single Ophelia Girl sponsorship.

You will be given a variety of opportunities to personally meet and interact with Ophelia Girls by attending events that take place during the school year or by attending the Annual End of Year Ophelia Project Luncheon. You will be able to see first-hand the growth and tremendous difference your sponsorship has made…. a difference that will change not only the lives of the girls you sponsor, but your own life as well.


Sponsor a Girl



Our incredible Mentors prepare their Ophelia Girls for having a successful life. Which we believe starts with graduating High School and Continuing their educational journey through college or vocational school

The cost of Education crushes many girl’s dreams.

Even with the help and guidance of our caring mentors, and the hard work and dedication of our Ophelia Girls, dreams are derailed by the cost of education.

Ophelia Girls have earned and are deserving of financial support. They hade the tools to succeed, they just need the door to be opened.

Would you help to open that door with a Scholarship Gift?

A gift of $1,000 can be the difference between a bright future or a lifelong struggle but every size gifts towards Scholarships matter!

Provide a Scholarship



Many of our mentors, past and present, and others who know the impact of Ophelia have left needed Scholarship support to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation/Ophelia Project with a gift in their Will or Trust. 

Leaving a gift in your Will is a wonderful way to insure future Ophelia Girls have the opportunity to succeed.

Leave a Gift in Your Will