Enjoy The Journey

by | Jul 4, 2021

The road of life is filled with curves, detours, and bad weather. Here’s the key to enjoying the journey……

Life is amazing. It is the gift that each of us was given, with the purpose to make a certain change in the world. Whether you will become some accomplished professional, a happy parent, or just do good for the community or the environment, it will leave a mark on the world and reflect on your existence.

Each person experiences different life stages and situations that come with that. The carelessness you felt when being a child slowly switches with the responsibilities that you get as you grow up. The expectations and goals you set, create and shape you into the person that will become an established individual, with your own voice and preferences.

However, life is not always sweet and simple. Different events, situations, and even people can make an influence that can impose a change into one’s behavior and existence. Life does throw some curveballs. It will most definitely give you detours to your final goal. Even though it might seem that it is all bad weather.  You must rise above that, and as the saying goes “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

All of us have experienced certain life changes and situations that might demotivate us at a certain point. As we age, life will continue to serve such challenges. The secret to rising above them is learning how to enjoy life in general, appreciate the simple life pleasures, and always taking the much-needed “me-time”.

We all need a channel to vent out from the regular daily activities and routines that affect our life. We forget how good it is just to sit back and enjoy life. Being preoccupied with so many other things can do a lot of damage to our body, mind, and well-being. Living in a world where everything is fast and in a rush does not help the situation. The concept of happy life slowly disappears, as you are living day by day, forgetting to make the most out of each moment.

If you think deeper, you will get back to the times where the simplest things used to make you happy. Ask yourself, when was the last time that you felt satisfied, fulfilled, and good with your current state and enjoyed some much-deserved “me time”? Do you feel happy now? Are you satisfied with the life you have? The answers to these questions and many more are what shapes and creates the key to enjoying the journey called life and simple pleasures. When you learn how to make time for them, you will greatly appreciate and practice them.

Here is how to make the most of your life, appreciate it more, and be grateful for it:

  1. Give

When you give to others, you do not immediately realize the impact it will have on them. But gestures like this are what make life meaningful. It does not matter how much you give, in which form it comes. It matters that you care and that does also bring a change in your life.

Giving is closely connected to the selflessness in becoming the best version of yourself. That is because you are becoming a part of something bigger than you are. When you give selflessly, ethics and empathy are the best tools to have as an identifier for your personality. From there, you can evolve and see what is more important in life.

Giving time and attention are the greatest attributes to becoming kind and make your life fuller.

  1. Be mindful

Pay attention to your feelings and your thoughts. Listen to what your gut is telling you. It is important to love yourself and to love everything you have around you.

Mindfulness comes from focusing on the senses, grounding yourself with the things that are making you happy. It is about finding acceptance, going with the flow, and sticking to the set goals. That way, you can appreciate life and the small things that come with it.

  1. Love yourself

Self-love is essential in overcoming a majority of obstacles that might come up in life. When you love yourself, you can be more grateful for the life that you have. It will allow you to rise above any challenges that come your way. Be good to yourself like you would be to anyone else.

  1. Focus on the positive

When you have a positive outlook on life, you become more productive. When you look at what is good you can do more with it. Appreciating life when you have a positive mindset will dominate over the negative aspects. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What has made me feel happy lately?
  • What activities have I enjoyed?
  • What’s a positive thought about myself and my life?
  • What healthy choices have I been making?
  • What good things can I do more of?
  1. Celebrate your wins

 Think about what you have achieved and done well so far. Doing this speaks a lot about you. It will give you motivation and a reason to get up in the morning and keep going. Take time to celebrate each victory and accomplishment in a way that makes you happy, fulfilled, and satisfied.

  1. Stay thankful

Saying “thank you” goes a long way. When you appreciate the people around you, it results in more profound and meaningful connections. Also, saying thank you to itself is equally important. You should be grateful for every time you walk outside. It is up to you to make a good day by just being grateful. You have only one life, and what you do is entirely up to you.

It is not easy to switch your mind to think and be positive when life throws at you some unexpected things. But, being strong, positive and always looking for the light at the end of the tunnel will prevail over the bad weather.