It’s Only Natural

by | Jun 2, 2021

Feeling stressed? Many psychologists and wellness coaches advise us to take walks in nature to restore our balance.  Do you ever wonder why? 

There is a peacefulness you feel when immersed in nature. You look around and appreciate the green grass, blooming flowers and soulful chirping of the birds.  A prickly cactus may have beautiful pink or yellow flowers blossom on it.  A tall stick plant adds greenery and gorgeous, delicate orange flowers.  A green shrub bush becomes a brilliant display of feathery, white flowers. One of the greatest natural wonders of the world is the Grand Canyon. What makes it even more fascinating is that it was carved by strong, steady water over years and years!

If you look more deeply, you will see there are lessons we can learn from nature and apply to our daily lives. Overall, nature lives in the world of “being”.  There is a natural rhythm and flow to its existence and if you try to control it, you will destroy it.  In our own lives, how often do we try to control a situation or outcome? What if we practiced just doing the next step that needs to be done until we get our answer. If we get the “green light” we move forward but when the “red light” appears, we can stop and accept that something bigger and better is waiting for us.  Because like those seemingly unattractive plants, we have no idea that a “flower” is about to bloom.

Let’s go back to the Grand Canyon filled with majestic strong rock.  Remember it took years to form that strength and beauty from something as soft and fluid as water.  What lesson is there for us? One is that it takes years for us to fully develop our strength and resilience. Our life experiences can carve us into true majesty and beauty!  In addition, it’s better to let our lives flow easily and effortlessly like water; even around those hard edges we often come up against.

So the next time you need perspective or calm, take a break and just walk around the block.  Nature is waiting to provide you with its own natural medicine.