Be Unstoppable

by | Apr 17, 2020

“Maybe this is a sign I shouldn’t do it!  You are going to do what?  That’s a crazy idea!”  We’ve all heard these voices before. Some are in our own heads and others come from well-meaning friends and family.

 The fact is that most people give up too easily on their hopes and dreams.  They misinterpret challenges and detours as a giant STOP sign.  The next time you are pursuing a goal, don’t let these two culprits keep you from moving forward.

 FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) will always rear its ugly head when you are about to do something you have never done before!  So you will need to “feel the fear and do it anyway.” Keep in mind you won’t be able to figure it all out in advance so just take the next step to be done.  And think back to how many times you were scared and worried about the “worst case scenario” and it never came true.

 What approach works when you start experiencing fear? First, you can ask yourself, “What am I really afraid of?” You could journal about it to see if there is a deeper message for you in this situation.  Next, you can check in with your feelings and emotions and ask friends and family to “help me see that I can do this!” And finally, you can do what the great athletes of the world do: visualize a positive outcome.

 And what can you do when you encounter negative, small- minded people?  This advice may seem counterintuitive, but you should first try to understand them and help them see your bigger picture.  You can try to learn something from their comments but just don’t let them stop you.  In addition, fear may be clouding their judgment causing them to have a negative perception of your goal. 

 Learn to develop a healthy relationship with fear.  Give thanks for its appearance in your life. It comes with the dream! And each time you “practice” pushing through your fear to reach the other side, you will be stronger for it.